Taco Bell Sri Lanka — A Tacolicious Experience amidst Colombo

Having come across the Taco Bell Sri Lanka page on Instagram, I immediately added it to my bucket list of must-try-out restaurants. Personally, I haven’t tried out Mexican food very much, so I thought of giving it a try. After their grand opening on 17th July 2017, I was searching for a free time to visit the place with Anuradha. Eventually, we had the chance to visit the place during last week.

When we arrived at the spot on Horton Place, it was nearing lunchtime. Luckily, we got the chance to grab a table before the place got full. As we entered, what caught my eyes first was the artwork. The place was quite noisy with the customers’ chit-chat and seating arrangement was quite similar to that found in any other chain restaurant.

Main Course

Let’s move on to the food. It was all about Mexican food and I could not wait to try out. The ordering of the main course had three things to chose from.

1. Pick your product

The product choices included Tacos, Chalupas, Burritos, and Quesadillas. Since both of us love the crunchy stuff, I decided to order Tacos.

2. Choose your filling

The fillings included Mexican Chicken, Crispy Chicken, Fajita Chicken, Crispy Fish, and Pinto Beans. We ordered Mexican Chicken and Crispy Chicken.

3. Add some sauce

Sauce choice included Cool Ranch, Smoky Chipotle, and Hot Ghost Pepper. Since Anuradha loves spicy food, he got Hot Ghost Pepper and I got Smoky Chipotle.

I would highly recommend the Crispy Chicken filling as I loved the extra crunch it added to the taco. Personally, I did not like the Mexican Chicken filling as it made the taco soggy.

Tip: Start with the tacos. If you finish up the nachos first, then you won’t be able to eat the tacos as your tummy will get full.


Side dishes included a variety of fried and baked goodies such as Crispy Chicken, Cheesy Nachos, Crispy Fish, Cheesy Fries and Mexican Fries. We ordered Nachos and Mexican Fries. Wow, those Mexican Fries. They were perfectly fried; crispy on the outside and so tender inside.

Mexican Fries


Taco Bell provides two desserts to choose from. They are Chocodilla and Chocolate Caramel Tostadas with Vanilla Ice Cream. We ordered both! My mind was blown away by the Chocolate Caramel Tostadas and the vanilla ice cream added an extra taste to it. I highly recommend that you try it out if you have a sweet tooth like I do.



A variety of beverages could be found on the Taco Bell menu such as aerated drinks, mojito, tea, coffees, and shakes. We ordered Coca-Cola and Hot Chocolate we both love anything having chocolate! The Hot Chocolate was very warm and soothing, with the perfect blend of cocoa and milk.

Hot Chocolate, Chocodilla, and Mexican Fries

Final Thoughts

For a person who has not tried out a lot of Mexican food before, I ended up loving it. It is truly warming and the spices will tickle your tongue and taste buds.

You can visit them online at http://tacobell.lk

I’m pretty sure, once you visit this place, you will have a lot to taco’ about. 😃🌮

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