Arabian Knights — Experience Middle Eastern Cuisine in Colombo

Having heard good reviews about Arabian Nights restaurant, Anuradha and I paid a visit yesterday. The middle eastern cuisine spot is located down a small narrow lane off the Galle road in Colpety.

Just after entering the tiny and cosy place, what came to my mind was the story Alibaba and the forty thieves. A smiling and friendly staff member greeted us and took our order. I got a very Middle Eastern Arabic feeling in my mind as I tapped my fingers to the tune of Arabic music (Arabian mixes of popular English songs) which was playing, while we got our food.

Here are the items we ordered.

  • Arabic Shawarma Plate – Rs. 590
  • Smoking Signature Chicken Burger – Rs. 620
  • Strawberry Orange Juice – Rs. 450
  • Laban – Rs. 330

The Arabic Shawarma Plate and Smoking Signature burger were favourites on the Arabian Night’s menu.

The Arabic Shawarma Plate comes two dips; sauce and mayonnaise, a salad and fries on the side. The shawarma was so light and perfectly toasted. I loved the mayonnaise dip more than any other dip I had tasted before.

Arabic Shawarma Plate

The Smoking Signature burger has a variety of Middle Eastern spices. The burger comes with two dips; sauce and mayonnaise, and fries on the side.

Smoking Signature Chicken Burger

The strawberry orange juice was my favourite. It was very soothing and refreshing. I highly recommend this drink.

Strawberry Orange Juice

Laban is popular among Arabs as a healthy refresher.

Final Thoughts

Some people have had experiences with bad service. However, from my experience, I loved the food and it was really good. I felt very comfortable after eating and did not feel stuffed or heavy, as in the case of pizza or very cheesy pastas.

You can visit Arabian Nights online at

If you want to try out Middle Eastern cuisine, I would recommend this place. If you haven’t tried out yet, do visit Arabian Nights and enjoy the taste of Arabian food.

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