A Royal dining at Kingsbury​ Harbour Court

Yesterday, Vijini and I went to a Tech Meetup. Since it was a weekend and an easy getaway from our routine work, we had planned to have lunch at Harbour Court Restaurant of Kingsbury Hotel, Colombo 01. We reserved seating for two, the day before yesterday and it was an exclusive experience worth sharing amidst our speculations we had before our visit.

The hotel is located in the heart of Colombo, the Colombo Fort. This is the busiest suburb of Colombo and the most crowded city of all. However, breaking our illusion we entered the astonishing Harbour Court which was unbelievable chilling and relaxing by all means. Despite the day being a Saturday, we were able to enjoy the luxury of having ample parking, comfortable seating and quiet dining.


The entrance to the Harbour Court was decorated with mouth-watering dessert treats and seafood arrangements. Food stages were decorated with form carvings which made the all aisles of food to look fresh.

To the left of the entrance were the starters. There was a huge variety of starters ranging from freshly baked bread, cold meat, sushi, salads and cheese.

It was an unforgettable international dining experience

Not to forget, the main meal included on demand cookery including pasta, sausages, hoppers and meat. Also, there was an eye-catching grill which offered grilled fish and meat.

Food was delicious and desserts were luscious

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