A Memorable Day

Today is the 1st of June, or in other words my birthday. Besides being yet another Friday we crave to reach, today held the speciality of having my quarter century birthday. Despite the day being a busy day at work, my love Vijini made it so special with many special arrangements.

Recently on a website, we came across a nice cake with so much of chocolate decorations which took my heart. I was never aware that I would have that served on my birthday in a busy day at work. Seeing it was nothing but a pleasing view and I was flattered beyond my words.

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Not stopping just yet I was offered roses, which I love to have. Vijini gave me half a dozen rose bouquet which was nice looking and pleasant smelling. I just loved them.

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After all these surprises, we headed to the canteen reserved for university staff, where we gathered and enjoyed the lovely cake. I also received some nice chocolates which stole my heart. This also included a lovely mug with a lovely text which made my heart bump out of my chest. ❤️

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To conclude, I just have three words for her. I Love You!

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