A Walk Along the Untrodden Ways of Lake Burley Griffin Course, Acton, Canberra

It was a bright sunny day, with a decent temperature of around 14°C (quite a bearable temperature for us). Anuradha and I decided to go to the Commonwealth Park in Acton, Canberra to have a walk alongside the Lake Burley Griffin as it was good for our health. 😀 We had breakfast, packed lunch and decided to take our car as parking was free in the weekends. 😉

We parked our car in the Commonwealth Park which is located on the north side of Lake Burley Griffin. We headed to the walking path along Lake Burley Griffin, where the Commonwealth Avenue passes over.

acton-park - 2
Commonwealth Avenue

Captain Cook Memorial

At a glance we noticed the giant water fountain in the middle of the lake, the Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet. It is said to shoot water 114 meters high everyday. When it is fully functional on Canberra day, it shoots water up to 152 meters. Beside the fountain on the right hand side, we could see the new parliament house.

Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet
Captain Cook Memorial Water Jet

We started walking clockwise along the path as winds swept our faces. We could see the Australian flag raised in the middle of the hills along the path.

Then we came across the Captain Cook Memorial Globe.

Captain Cook Memorial Globe
Captain Cook Memorial Globe

Both the globe and the fountain were constructed by the to commemorate the Bicentenary of Captain James Cook‘s first sighting of the east coast of Australia.

National Carillon

After walking for a few 100 meters, we could see a tall building far away across the lake. It was the National Carillon, a 50 metre tall architectural structure. It is also a musical instrument with 55 bronze bells, where each bell weighs between 7 kilograms and 6 tonnes.

acton-park - 19
National Carillon

R G Menzies Walk

The R. G. Menzies Walk, found along the lakeside, is a walking stretch that has been name after Sir Robert Menzies to acknowledge his significant contribution to the development of Australia’s capital city, Canberra.

You can see the statue of Sir Robert Menzies as you walk along the lakeside.

acton-park - 33
Statue of Sir Robert Menzies

After walking around 2km, we headed back with a bunch of photos as it was getting a bit chilly. Though it was not the best walk to have on a chilly day, it was a nice walk among historical monuments of Canberra.

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