Birthday Dinner at Kebaba Turkish Grill Bar and Restaurant

Anuradha and I stumbled upon a website named Groupon which had a lot of offers at nearby restaurants, shopping centres, travel and many more. When we went through the section of food, Kebaba Turkish Grill Bar had an offer of $30 to spend on Turkish food and drinks for a minimum of two people. We had to pay only $19 which was 37% off. We decided to try out this offer for my birthday.

Kebaba Turkish Grill Bar

We bought the $19 offer on Groupon and reserved. As we arrived, a lovely young lady greeted us and ushered us to our table. the interior was decorated in middle eastern style and in the background, we could hear soft music playing.

We ordered chicken Kebab plates which came with rice, mixed salad two dips and a sauce. We selected hummusbabaganoush and tomato sauce. Babaganoush was made with eggplant which tasted lovely.

Chicken Kebab Plate

Honestly speaking, I loved the kebab plate, especially the chicken and mixed salad. The servings were very good and tasted yummy. If you love Mediterranean cuisine, this Turkish restaurant is highly recommended. Let us know your thoughts about this tasteful place in the heart of Canberra. Cheers! 🙂 

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