Roti House — Enjoy Malaysian Cuisine in the heart of Canberra City

One day, as I was scrolling through the Groupon app, a discount caught my eye and I immediately showed Anuradha. We got 15% off for food deals and we bought a coupon from Roti House Canberra. After a busy day at the university, we walked to the city and went to Roti House to spend the coupon on dinner.

Roti House
Inside Roti House

We got a three-course meal with wine. The food included,

  1. A roti of choice to share with curries
  2. Two curry dishes of choice with a serving of rice
  3. Dessert of choice
  4. Wine or soft drinks

The roti was crispy and delicious. The roasted duck and chicken curry were complemented well with the white wine. Vanilla ice cream was served with toppings for dessert to conclude the meal. At the end of the day, we felt that it was a reasonable dinner deal for two.

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