Get to know Australian Wildlife up close and personal — Symbio Wildlife Park

On our way to Sydney from Wollongong, Anuradha and I decided to visit the famous Symbio Wildlife Park in Helensburgh, NSW. It is a must-go-to destination if you are visiting Wollongong.


We were able to see a wide range of animals including Australian favourites such as Koala and Kangaroo and other species such as Meercat, Tasmanian Devil, Red PandaEmuCheetah and Ring-tailed Lemur. Visitors were allowed to feed the kangaroos as well which was very exciting.

Mini Beasts featured some selected insects, amphibians and reptiles where we could see them in their man-made habitats.

The Reptile house was home to a number of lizards, pythons and snakes.

We were also able to see some farm animals including Goats, Lambs, Sheep, Chicken and Ducks.

Even though this is a small park, we felt it was worth the visit for its price of AUD 34 (per student). You could get up close and personal to Australian wildlife in this lovely park. If you have been to Symbio Wildlife Park we would love to hear what you think.

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