Scenic World, Blue Mountains Australia

Along with our visit to Wollongong (read here) we headed towards Sydney with some city tour plans. However, after going through Google’s tour guide we came across the name Scenic World and their website. So we decided to head to Blue Mountains with the intention of encountering the experiences.

The place was quite cheap compared to the experiences we had!. For an adult the cost was A$ 43 (week end) per head. However, the entrance fee allowed us to have as many rides as we liked in cable cars and adventurous trains. So let’s see what we could do over there.


This was a cable car drive between two cliff tops, which indeed was awesome. It was a 720m ride covering magnificent views of Katoomba Falls, the Three Sisters, and Jamison Valley. The cable car was capable of carrying more than 50 people and it was a plane horizontal ride. The cable car had a glass floor which gave a frightening but an exciting view of the way below. The highest point was 270m from the valley below.


The walkway was a nice hike-like getaway from the tech-filled rides. It was not a tiring or life-threatening adventure. However, everything we saw from the walk was gorgeous and filled with natural beauty. Even though we were not very interested in the hiking part, we just visited the lookout points, took some selfies and headed back. Katoomba Falls was anyhow worth the walk!


This was identified as the Steepest Cableway in the Southern Hemisphere. Yeah, it was frightening cool!. The entire ride was 545m and descended towards the bottom of the valley. The cable car carried 84 passengers to the Jurassic rain forest which had a 2.4 km walkway through a rain forest. The walk was depicted the pre-historic creatures existed in ancient Australia.


This is identified as the steepest passenger railway in the world. It was yet another one of a kind experience. The railway was originally build to carry coal mine workers from the road side to the mine site and back. However, it has evolved today to be a unique tourist attraction. It has a 52 degree inclination.


Although the place is very attractive it was not very crowded, which indeed is good. So we did not have any trouble getting a ticket without having any kind of booking. The place is more than 100km from Sydney and it was a mountain drive of nearly 1 hour and 30 minutes. There was plenty of parking under shade in a multi story car park. Food and other amenities were available in plenty to buy. There were several souvenir shops which was something great!

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