6 Places You must visit on a Trip to Jervis Bay

After hunting vigorously across Google results in search of a coastal area to visit during the long weekend in January 2019, Jervis Bay popped up as a “magical place to visit”. Being protected by the Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay is known for its magical and beautiful terrain along the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Why miss the chance to visit a magical place? So, Anuradha and I decided to visit Jervis Bay with a few friends and here are 6 places we thought are worth to witness.

1. Green Patch Beach

As I was searching for more information about the beaches in Jervis Bay, I came across this interesting piece of info.

The Guinness Book of Records reports Jervis Bay as having the whitest sand in the world. 

This statement is true indeed! I have never seen sand as white as that. The sand was sparkling white, not like the brown sand found in other beaches.

Green Patch has a famous camping ground located close to the beach. Located within the Booderee National Park, the camp grounds have all the necessary facilities for campers and caravaners.

2. The Scottish Rocks

After walikng through the dense coastal bushland from Green Patch, we arrived at a place where there were rock formations extending towards the bay. After exploring the map, we realized we were as place called “Scottish Rocks”. Once we hopped on to the rocks, it was like

“OH MY GOD! These rocks are amazing!”

3. Hole in the Wall

Hole in the Wall? Sounds weird right?

How did this place get its name? You are right. There is indeed a hole in a wall! There is a sandstone rock wall with a hole in it located at the eastern end of the beach. But where is the hole? Now the hole has collapsed and formed a “U” shaped opening. This place is a popular among photographers to capture early mornings.

4. Murrays Beach

Icing sugar sand

Murrays beach is famous for its sparkling white sand (called “Icing sugar sand“) and crystal clear water. To get to the beach, we had to take a walk along a narrow dirt track edged by bushes. It is a very popular location for kayaking and shallow swimming.

The Murrays beach has and interesting history. Australia’s first nuclear reactor was planned to be built in Murrays beach. However, its plans were withdrawn in 1971.

5. Cape St. George Lighthouse

Cape St. George Lighthouse was a lighthouse that stood near Jervis Bay Village. At the present day, you can see its ruins resting on the edge of spectacular cliffs between Booderee National Park and the sea. It is worth the gravel gravel road drive.

Due to the lighthouse’s errorneous location, 23 ships were wrecked on the coast in the vicinity of Jervis Bay. Hence, it was destroyed in the early 20th century and was replaced by Point Perpendicular Lighthouse in 1898.

The ill fate of the light house had not stopped from ship wrecks.

The light house had affected the lighthouse staff and their families. Several deaths had occurred including the death of Harriet Parker and Edward Bailey. Having read about these horrific stories at the lighthouse, a terrible feeling came to my mind as if the place was very creepy.

Apart from the tragedies and creepy thoughts, the view from the lighthouse lookout is magnificient.

6. Cave Beach

What does Cave beach reminds you of? Ring any bells? Of course it’s caves! Cave beach is an indeed an interesting place. There are many large caves located along the beach.

The Cave beach campground is famous for its kangaroos.

You have to pass the Cave beach campgrounds, amidst campers and kangaroos and there you are, standing infront of the magnificient caves.

Tips for a Trip to Jervis Bay

Even though we visited Jervis Bay for one day, we recommend that you stay for more than one day so that you can enjoy this complete beauty of a place. We could not visit the Hyams beach as the road to the beach was closed for some reason.

You have to pay the entry fee of A$ 13 for a 48-hour car pass at the gates of the Booderee National Park to enter to Jervis Bay.

Beware of bluebottles, a type of jellyfish that can be commonly seen in Sydney beaches.

If you have been to Jervis Bay (or plan to visit), we would like to know what you thought (or think) about this magical place.

Cheers! 😀

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