Hard Rock Cafe – The Musical Cafe in Sydney

Downtown anywhere USA
You can find yourself, a Hard Rock Cafe
Put your money on a number, anyone can play
Come on and tell us all about what happened to you today

At the Hard Rock Cafe, come to the Hard Rock Cafe
I hope you can find your way to the Hard Rock Cafe

I grew up loving this song by Carole King as my father played the record of her album Simple Things (1977). Being a big fan of the Hard Rock Cafe song, I was thrilled to see Hard Rock Cafe in Sydney, even though this is not in USA.

The Music and Decos

As we entered the cafe, the song I heard was Summer of 69 by Bryan Adams. The music that was playing inside while we had lunch was rock songs from 1960s to present. The other songs that caught my mind were Karma Chameleon by Culture Club and Radio Ga Ga by Queen.

The interior decorations were mindblowing for a music lover like me and my father. There were

  • Portraits of performances of singers and bands
  • Instruments used by famous musicians and groups
  • Costumes worn by singers
  • Gold and silver sales awards awarded to groups to mark milestones of record sales

The Food

We ordered Chicken cheeseburgers with chips, veggie wraps with salad and hot chocolate drinks. I must say that the food was simply amazing.

The staff was so in to the music that was playing inside. They were so lively, singing and dancing, as they were preparing and serving food.

Final Thoughts

Eventhough this is not in USA, it is still the cafe of one of my all time favourite songs that I have so many special memories with my father. I was lucky enough to take my father to Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney and he was thrilled 😊. I should thank Anuradha as well for taking us there ❤️.

It was very sad not to find anything that reminds about Carol King who had even written a song with the same title. However, this place still reminded me of the same old Hard Rock Cafe I used to picture in my mind as I listened to the song.

You can also check out 13 Rocking Facts About Hard Rock Café where is mentions that Carole King has loved the cafe.

If you visit Hard Rock Cafe, Sydney, we would like to know your thoughts.

Happy Hard Rocking!

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