Dinosaur Valley at Scenic World, Sydney

About Us

Hello there,

We are Anuradha and Vijini, and we live The Arachchi Style. Arachchi means a Sinhalese term used to address the leader of a village during the colonial rule in Sri Lanka. We both have the Arachchi aspect in our surnames, although the reasons for getting that is not so clear in the present day. I am Anuradha Wickramarachchi and my wife is Vijini Mallawaarachchi. The surname is passed down from generation to generation. So we are sort of Arachchis. 😎

At the moment both of us are PhD scholars at the Australian National University, Australia conducting research in Computer Science. Yes, we are programmers in academia, to tell what we do in simple terms keeping aside the research. Anyhow, we have been passionate bloggers for a long time and we have our own personal blogs. However as we are working together as a couple and co-workers we have begun to discover so many experiences by travelling, experimenting and various other encounters besides our academic work.

This is our life, our passion, and our future! Feel free to throw your ideas and help us spread the joyous experiences with others to enjoy.

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Cheers! 😊