Road trip to the Australian Outback

It has been a while, but it is definitely worth sharing some of our memorable experiences on our road-trip to the Australian outback, the Broken Hill. We went on this Road Trip in December 2020. Broken hill is an old Australian mining city, far away from any major city. It belongs to the state of New South Wales. However, it is located closer to the … Continue reading Road trip to the Australian Outback

Photo by Jason Strull on Unsplash

Working-From-Home Tips and Tricks

Yesterday, after more than 1 year, Canberra went into a lockdown of 7 days! It is a saddening situation, but the efforts are for the greater good of community and everyone’s safety. So we are back at homes, working remotely like we used to be in earlt 2020. In trying out best to fit into the situation, we thought of sharing few tips and tricks … Continue reading Working-From-Home Tips and Tricks

Planning a Road Trip

We are heading to the time that we take our usual long holiday with a road trip. In fact, a road trip would seem the only possible/affordable travel option we have at the moment with travel restrictions and unforeseeable lockdowns. In this article, Vijini and I thought of sharing our experience in planning and being on a road trip. We will use our previous Canberra … Continue reading Planning a Road Trip

Healthy Eating 101

Most often healthy eating is mistaken with weight loss. Also, healthy eating is wrongfully associated with boring food. However, being foodies we are happy share some thoughts on healthy eating. Content in a typical diet The focus of a healthy diet has few areas of interest. Effect on levels of body cholesterol and hormones Sufficient energy/carbohydrate content Sufficient proteins While carbohydrates supply the required energy, … Continue reading Healthy Eating 101

Road Trip Across Four States

During the last December vacation, Vijini and I went on a road trip starting from Australian Capital Territory, then to New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia. On the way, we visited many places of natural beauty and man-made masterpieces. We started from Lyons in Canberra and our furthest destination was Seaton, Adelaide. Following is a rough road path without the places we visited. However, … Continue reading Road Trip Across Four States

Scenic World, Blue Mountains Australia

Along with our visit to Wollongong (read here) we headed towards Sydney with some city tour plans. However, after going through Google’s tour guide we came across the name Scenic World and their website. So we decided to head to Blue Mountains with the intention of encountering the experiences. The place was quite cheap compared to the experiences we had!. For an adult the cost … Continue reading Scenic World, Blue Mountains Australia

Thinking of Higher Studies? Here’s some Intel!

It has been a very little time since Vijini and I started our higher studies in Australia. Our choice of university was Australian National University or in short ANU. At the time of my writing, it is ranked (overall) 49th in Times University Ranking. Beyond the mere rank of the university, there were many other considerations for both of us during the university selection. Moreover, there … Continue reading Thinking of Higher Studies? Here’s some Intel!

TALE 2018 — Conference Tour to Wollongong

Vijini and I had a conference publication for which we had to present at Novotel Northbeach Hotel in Wollongong, Australia. The conference TALE 2018 (IEEE International Conference on Teaching, Assessment and Learning for Engineering), which had its focus towards Technology Enhanced Learning (TEL) was one of the leading IEEE conferences in technologies related to education. The conference was centred around several tracks including; Computer-based learning and … Continue reading TALE 2018 — Conference Tour to Wollongong

Experience the Chocolate Culture in Canberra – Max Brenner Chocolate Bar

Vijini and I were looking for a place to chill in a Saturday evening after a busy week. Without a particular place in mind, we headed ourselves to Westfield Belconnen. After some ordinary shopping, the idea of chilling was urging among both of us. Other than the crowded food court, there were only a few places for anybody to have a coffee and relax. Max Brenner … Continue reading Experience the Chocolate Culture in Canberra – Max Brenner Chocolate Bar


Walk Through the Past of Australia

Two weeks ago Vijini and I decided to go out on a Saturday to have a look at the National Museum of Australia which is located in the heart of Canberra amidst Molonglo River in the Acton Peninsula. The entrance of the museum is nicely decorated with fascinating building architecture with spacious and high rising decorations. The museum covers a lot in the Australian timeline of the … Continue reading Walk Through the Past of Australia