Road trip to the Australian Outback

It has been a while, but it is definitely worth sharing some of our memorable experiences on our road-trip to the Australian outback, the Broken Hill. We went on this Road Trip in December 2020. Broken hill is an old Australian mining city, far away from any major city. It belongs to the state of New South Wales. However, it is located closer to the … Continue reading Road trip to the Australian Outback

Planning a Road Trip

We are heading to the time that we take our usual long holiday with a road trip. In fact, a road trip would seem the only possible/affordable travel option we have at the moment with travel restrictions and unforeseeable lockdowns. In this article, Vijini and I thought of sharing our experience in planning and being on a road trip. We will use our previous Canberra … Continue reading Planning a Road Trip

Making Spring Rolls at Home

Spring rolls are one of my favourite appetisers to have. During the free-time at home, I wanted to make spring rolls as I wanted to try my own filling apart from the traditional vegetable spring rolls which are very common appetisers that can be found in restaurant menus. Here is how I made spring rolls at home. Ingredients Here is the very short list of … Continue reading Making Spring Rolls at Home

Hard Rock Cafe – The Musical Cafe in Sydney

Downtown anywhere USAYou can find yourself, a Hard Rock CafePut your money on a number, anyone can playCome on and tell us all about what happened to you today At the Hard Rock Cafe, come to the Hard Rock CafeI hope you can find your way to the Hard Rock Cafe I grew up loving this song by Carole King as my father played the … Continue reading Hard Rock Cafe – The Musical Cafe in Sydney

6 Places You must visit on a Trip to Jervis Bay

After hunting vigorously across Google results in search of a coastal area to visit during the long weekend in January 2019, Jervis Bay popped up as a “magical place to visit”. Being protected by the Booderee National Park, Jervis Bay is known for its magical and beautiful terrain along the south coast of New South Wales, Australia. Why miss the chance to visit a magical … Continue reading 6 Places You must visit on a Trip to Jervis Bay