A Fine Stay in Galle, Sri Lanka

During our most recent visit to Sri Lanka, it was quite tough for us to find a time of our own, to let go all the responsibilities and to have a relaxing moment. However, we got a short window of three days and we decided to escape to the southern part of Sri Lanka. Given the limited time we had, we decided not to go too far, but to find a cozy place close to a beach. Galle! was the answer. Its located in 3 hours distance from our hometown Gampaha. Galle is also famous for its colonial artifacts along with the birth house of the famous great Sinhalese novelist Mr. Martin Wickramasinghe.

Having all these places in mind to visit, the next question was the stay. There comes the googling and booking.com fight. However, we stumbled upon this place called Le Grand Galle. Having our own doubts in mind, we booked a nice looking Super Deluxe Room for 2 nights. Being a couple who settles at a moderately priced place, we were so urged to push ourselves to pick the next to best room because of the this view.

View of the Room from Doorway

Our stay was indeed more than just the stay in the room and cultural artifacts. The quality of food we got to enjoy was something essential mentioning about.

Food and Beverages

Lets talk food

The place has several restaurants that go by the names Blue, Taste and Dip. Blue is the Seafood restaurant, Taste has the breakfast buffet and Dip serves the cocktails beside the pool. Pretty amazing!

The breakfast from the Taste was a legit Sri Lankan set of dishes including curries of mutton, pork and chicken, rotties, string hoppers, hoppers and egg hoppers. But the glory of food for us was from the Blue seafood restaurant. The food from Blue included a large variety of authentic Sri Lankan mouth watering seafood. We loved the prawn curry and the Lagoon prawns were delicious. The brownies were luscious with a hint of sugar syrup. The curries were a perfect in mouth with a warm steamed rice and mango chutney. That was heavenly.

Us Prepping for the Food Battle

The Dip presented a variety of cocktails besides the pool, at Taste and Blue to have while dining. We took our liberty in trying few elite cocktails made from Sri Lankan and International ingredients.

After having a nice cocktail in the breeze or a delicious seafood plate from the Blue, we had the luxury of a gorgeous room that is memorable.

Look and Feel of the Room

The room was the best about the entire stay. Room had an open concept where there was a large bath tub in the middle, with movable wooden curtain, that’s in case someone wishes to cover up. Entire place was pretty spacious.

The room had almost all the features a typical 5 star hotel would carry. Though the television was not something to boast about, there were plenty of other appealing things in the room one might enjoy. The room was in pristine condition and was very clean. Not surprisingly, given it was built and opened in 2018. This could rather be a couple’s room and a family might find a better utility from the suits that the hotel provides.

The hotel also accompanies a set of beautiful views including the beach and Galle Fort.


I must say that the hotel was beyond average given its smaller size and location. The Galle Fort is directly visible from the rooms and the pool. Few meters of walk to the waves. However, one might not find a safe place to swim around.

In conclusion, it was a lovely stay and one might pick this right place for their honeymoon. Galle is a lively city where the night life exists amidst many other cultural avenues to discover. Le Grand Galle would definitely be a place that one might pick to spend the night after roaming this beautify city.

The entire stay for the hotel cost us nearly A$800 including the breakfast. Further, we incurred nearly $250 for the dinner and cocktails. I am not bothered to say that the price was well paid back in terms of quality of stay, food and service.

Few Memories from Galle

It would be a grave mistake if I do not say something about Galle. So last but not least, here are some of the memories from Galle.

Vintage Ride

This was something we did not expect to see. But its a beauty. The elephant in the house; The Beaches!. They were gorgeous, clean and far less crowded than many.

Not to forget the colonial artifacts including The Galle Fort.

We helped our way up to Mirissa and Koggala to see the Coconut hill and Martin Wickramasinghe museum. It was a pleasant visit that we enjoyed the every moment equally.

A take-away message for tourists and visitors who plan to visit Galle.

  • Always use a ride sharing app as tuk might rip you off.
  • Drink water from a safe source, in hotels its free to refill canisters in room .
  • Avoid alcohol in beaches (unless it is a guarded one by a Hotel).
  • Use public transportation wherever possible to avoid unwanted arguments with taxi drivers.
  • Feel free to help a countryman by buying some handmade crafts.

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