Make Your Own Jam at Home

Given the harsh times that we all have to go through, we both hope everyone of you are staying safe and strong. We also believe that y’all are enjoying your own Jam in different ways while being at home.

In this post we will present you with a simple recipe to make some jam, literally.

Don’t let your fruits rot!

The idea came up with some white peaches that were about to pass out on our table. They were more than a week old, probably weeks assuming the time passed at shops. We were sad to see that they were about to rot, not to mention that white peaches aren’t as good as the yellow ones. So we thought, why not make some Jam, as they were a bit too ripe to eat as it is.

Image by Alicja from Pixabay

Getting Started

We don’t have much at home, so made it simple with the following few ingredients.

  1. Peaches (obviously) or you might as well pick another fruit (s) (apples, bananas, strawberries or something else?)
  2. Sugar (brown or white, we had some brown sugar)
  3. Vanilla essence (this is just to make it smell good, I do not believe it’s essential)

Cooking the Jam

Preparing the peaches/fruits

First the fruits must be washed, peeled and chopped into small pieces. You could either blend them or mash them using a fork to form a purée.

Making the sugar base

Choose a non stick or a stainless steel pan, as fruits might release acids. Add some sugar with a small amount of water. Bring up the heat slowly while stirring with a wooden or a silicon spoon/stirrer.

Image by Republica from Pixabay

Final Steps

Now when the sugar base is well dissolved and boiling, add the purée of fruits. Keep stirring until the entire mixture boils and starts to become thick. Remove from the stove and move into a glass bottle when it’s cool and safe to do so.

Voila! You Got Jam

We hope you enjoyed reading and would try this during this time. This will enable your fruits to last longer while providing a far more healthier spread on bread than what you buy from shops.

Stay Safe and Stay Home. Cheers!

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